Want to learn to paint beautiful still life florals using oil paints but don't know where to start?

Paint your own still life floral oil painting within hours in this step-by-step course.


 Start Creating a Beautiful Oil Painting Within Hours from the comfort of your own home

Yes, I want to learn how to paint still life florals!

You'll learn how to paint this still life floral oil painting 

In this online course, I am going to show you step-by-step in short videos how to paint your own floral still life using oil paints. I will teach you how to use the materials and how to mix the colors. I will show you how to make the strokes. There is even a practice section where you can practice making leaves and petals before you even begin the still life.  

I'm ready to paint

 What You'll Get Inside This Course


IMAGINE...painting an incredibly vibrant & colorful still life floral with ease!
  •  Paint Your Own Version of a Still Life Floral Using Oils: Learn to paint from start to finish! Learn how to mix beautiful colors and apply them. Learn how to paint on linen, tone a canvas, and sketch your subject.
  •  29 Short Lessons: Each step averages 2 minutes long, from how to sketch on paper to varnishing your painting.
  •  Supplies: Demonstration videos and a downloadable supply list so you'll have and understand everything you need and how to use them. Including brushes, specific oil paints and brands, including how to clean your brushes.
  •  β€‹Practice Section: Practice the elements of a still life before you begin painting the actual still life by following videos to practice leaves and petals.
  •  β€‹Confidence: Learn how to develop your own style, how to stay loose and inspired by overcoming the fear of failure.
  •  β€‹Lifetime Access: Hone your skills and refer back to videos on demand at any time!
  •  β€‹BONUS CONTENT $147 VALUE: My Personal Painting Method Personal videos and text descriptions of the "science" behind my personal painting techniques from beginning to end.

4 Course Sections + $147 VALUE Bonus Section

1. The Artist Mindset

This course covers mindset and inspiration for you as an artist.

Watch short videos teaching how to overcome the fear of failure, how to get inspiration, and how to develop your own style. 

2. Understanding Supplies and Materials

This section of short videos will teach you all about my supplies and mediums, what they are, and how I use them. I will teach you my palette, and how I mix my colors. 

Learn about brushes, my specific oil paints and brands, and demonstrations how to use all of them. I also teach you how to varnish your painting and clean your brushes. 

3. Practicing &

Building Confidence

Follow along a series of short videos demonstrating how to paint leaves and petals. This section helps you practice the elements of a still life before you begin painting the actual still life.

4. Step-by-Step Videos to Paint Your Own Still Life Floral

29 videos 1-4 minutes long that show my palette next to my canvas. I demonstrate step-by-step each stroke and color. You will have this painting finished, including varnished, when the course is completed. 

5. My Personal Painting Method 

BONUS CONTENT ($147 Value) 

Personal videos and text descriptions of the "science" behind my personal painting techniques from beginning to end.

Meet Your Teacher, Chelle Gunderson

It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Chelle. I’m a floral artist. I have been painting for 15 years. I know what it is like to struggle through a painting, to have a vision of what I want it to be but not knowing how to make that happen. I know what it is like to walk away from a painting and wonder if I should keep painting.  But, I also know what it is like to experience the pure joy of putting paint on a canvas. I know the feeling of growth and progress in seeing my ideas literally come to life.   

Let's Paint Together!

What people just like you said about the course...

“Absolutely loved this course!! Thank you for sharing your process. I always have it in my head it is so much more complicated, but I’m going to try your approach, be more relaxed, and see where it takes me. I’ve found it hard finding oil tutorials with a ‘style’ that I like, as there are quite a lot in acrylic with a very loose painterly style but not many in oils. Would love to see you add some more tutorials, thoroughly enjoyed.”
- Patricia B.

Excellent course! Thank you so much for the detailed steps! 
- Mara A.

"I have watched your video twice now! You gave excellent instruction and the course is such a good value for the price!
Love your work!"
- Brenda F.

"After watching all of your videos, non-stop I might add I had to wait awhile to give it a try...I started painting with acrylics and then with oil and cold wax at the beginning of the pandemic, but hadn’t ever painted with straight oils. This was a great way to start and I learned so much. It was really fun and I’m now ready to give another painting a try." 
- Karen G.

“Watching your process was extremely informative. The tips you shared were invaluable.” 
- Karen H.

“I am so excited about this! I am just retired and feel I haven’t much time to learn what I need to learn. Anyway, I am determined to get some skills improved, and I think your style is ringing a bell with me!”

“I love your style of painting and have quite a collection in my home. I want to learn how to paint your florals. When I look at one of your florals, my heart sings.”

“I’ve learned so much from your online course and Instagram! I learned why my paintings weren’t loose, used to much paint, and the importance of preplanning and working out the problems before going to the canvas. Also I’m loving the quality materials! Thank you.”

Still Life Paintings From Students of this Course

(I can't wait to see what you create!)

I'm Ready to Paint My Own Still Life Painting With Chelle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time investment?

  • Each video is approximately two to three minutes long.  There is approximately an hour of instruction for the still life painting section. The idea is to watch the video before you paint and as you paint, starting and stopping to help you get the strokes and colors correct.  I paint wet into wet so you will want to complete the painting in one session.  But, I am an impatient person.  I need to watch and do.  I forget things if I watch for an hour and then try to paint. I have designed the course with that learning style in mind, short video, paint the stroke.  

Do I need to have any art experience? 

  • No.  The concepts I am covering are to teach the way I paint. I have broken down my process into simple steps so anyone whether they have experience or not can succeed at painting a floral still life with oils.

I have experience painting.  Is this course too basic for me?  

  • No.  If you have some experience, learning new ways and color mixing is so valuable. It has changed my art to learn from other artists, even though I had years of experience. I have learned so much just by observing other artists.  

I am just beginning.  Will this be too much for me? 

  • No. You can do this at your own pace, watching and learning over and over. You are on your time schedule.  My goal is to give you something you can practice over and over.  There is lifetime access to this course. 

Do I need to be in the US to participate?  

  • No.  I do speak English so that would be the only requirement.  

What tools and supplies do I need?  

  • These will all be explained and demonstrated in short videos and a supply list you can print off to take to an art supply store or order online. I have linked all of my supplies and materials so purchasing the correct supplies is easy. I have painted this with a limited palette to save you money on oil paints. You can collect the other colors as you progress with your painting. 

Will I be able to ask questions along the way? 

  • Yes.  I am offering One--On-One coaching.  This is individual teaching and help where you set the agenda. We will work together on the issues that you want to address. 
  • I will answer general questions through email or social media DM. 

How do I access your class?

  • As soon as you purchase the class, the link will take you to a page where you will make a Kajabi account. Then all you need to do is sign into your account to access the course. It will always be available for you to complete whenever and wherever you want.  
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All the tools you need to create a beautiful painting

Oil painting has been a beautiful part of my life and brought me so much joy.  I LOVE what is feels like to move paint on the canvas and to create beauty.  It is healing, invigorating, and honestly, next level to bring joy to others through my painting. I would love to teach you my process. You can do this. 

OK, I’m Ready to Paint!

How to Paint a Hydrangea Mini Course $47 $37 with Purchase of Still Floral Course

In this online mini course, I am going to show you step-by-step in 10 short videos (5-min or less) how to paint a hydrangea using oil paints. I demonstrate how to mix the paints and make the strokes.


  • How to Paint a Floral Still Life Online Course $98
  • My Personal Painting Method (inside Still Life Course) $147 
  • How to Paint a Hydrangea $47
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1-On-1 Coaching Available for $98

Do you need individual instruction?

Is something just a little off but you do not know what?

Are you stuck and uninspired?

Do you want to paint with me or just get advice on a painting or two?

This one-hour, individual coaching session over zoom is tailored to meet your needs.

You decide what will benefit you, and I am here to help. Together we will come up with an agenda so each minute of the hour is utilized in helping you progress in your art.

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