How to Paint a Floral Still Life

The fluff-free, confidence-building course for artists and non-artists who want to learn a loose and painterly style for florals

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Brush-in-hand, you stand back and admire the painting you just finished.

Your floral still life looks stunning.

The colors? Luminous.

The technique? Near-flawless.

You find it hard to believe this is your work, your canvas.

But it is!

It's because you know how to paint a floral still life...with confidence. 

Hi! I'm Chelle Gunderson! 

I'm a floral artist and have been painting for over 16 years.

Chances are we've met on Instagram!

I love sharing the behind-the-scenes from my art studio so you can see how a person like me paints gorgeous, living-room-worthy paintings.

Shockingly, I wasn't born an artist.

In fact, I was a middle-school English teacher and then medical transcriptionist. Talk about diverse career paths!

But I've always loved art.

Even as a 12-year-old, I'd take my paints and bicycle around town to find beautiful little spots to paint!

I took art classes in school and college but never pursued them professionally needed other things from me. 

Tell me if you've ever walked into a gallery and wished you could paint like the artists you admire.

Tell me if you've ever looked around your home and felt like the blank walls needed more color and life.

That was me!

I love beauty and elegance.

Painting loose florals is my way of adding lasting beauty and elegance to my work, and now...yours!

I'm Ready!

Today, my artwork can be found in TWO galleries--The District Gallery, Knoxville, TN, and online at The Scouted Studio.

I've collaborated with well-known names like HomeGoods, Kirkland Home, Artfully Walls, and Tamara Day from Bargain Mansions on Magnolia Network. 

But lest you think I have ALL the time in the world to spend in the art studio...I don't!

I'm a mom to 4 gorgeous girls and a wife to a busy surgeon. 

My life is blessedly full.

But I do know how to paint in a little as 20 minutes a day.

And I can't wait to show you HOW!


“How to Paint a Floral Still Life is the perfect first step for Beginner and Seasoned Artists who want to learn a loose style of painting a floral still life in oils.”


Chelle Gunderson

Module 1:

The Artist's Mindset

In this must-watch module, you'll learn how to:

  • Develop your own style so you can translate it into your own unique artistic voice.
  • Gather inspiration, overcoming the fear of failure, and making time to create
  • Set yourself up for success so you can paint fearlessly!

Module 2: Supplies and Materials

This save-money module will give you all you need to know about:

  • Quality supplies so you don't waste money. You get a downloadable and clickable list so you only buy what you need. No wastage in this studio!
  •  Brushes and oil paints explained for the beginning artist and those who want to expand their painting repertoire. 

Module 3: Practice Leaves and Flowers

In this module, you'll learn how to:

  • Mix colors confidently
  • Clean your brushes like an artist
  • Paint leaves and flowers to practice your brushstrokes

Module 4:

The Simple Still Life

Get ready to paint your masterpiece! Once you watch this module, you'll:

  • Set up your palette
  • Sketch your subject
  • Tone your canvas, and...
  • Paint your still life from start to fear at all!


My Painting Method

This bonus module is a must-watch before you start painting your still life! In this, you'll see behind the scenes of my painting process so you understand the science behind my wet-into-wet or alla prima method.

Let's recap...What's included in your single payment of $98


All 4 modules and 29 lessons of How to Paint a Floral Still Life

BONUS! My Painting Method so you can understand the science behind the style

Complete list of supplies so you only buy what's needed and not waste money! These are demonstrated and explained

You only pay $98! 


Enroll Now and Start Painting!

Artists and Non-Artists alike love my course because it builds confidence and increases brushstroke at a time!

Brenda Frizzell

"I have watched your videos twice now! You gave excellent instruction and the course is such a good value for the price!"

Karen G.

"I started painting with acrylics and then oil and cold wax at the beginning of the pandemic but hadn't ever painted with straight oils. This was a great way to start, and I learned so much. It was really fun, and I'm now ready to give another painting a try."

Lindsey E.

"I love the way you structured the content. Your lessons are so clearly organized, and I can sit down and work through the class again and again, learning new things, tweaking techniques, etc, each time!"

Look at these amazing paintings from the course!

You can do this too!

Let's do some back-of-the-canvas math here...

You'd pay anywhere from $100 to $400 for an in-person class. And this doesn't include cost of travel and, of course, the time to get to the studio and back.

Then there's the whole flexibility thing...will the class be at a time convenient for you?

Also...Will you get enough access to the instructor, or will you be left with unanswered questions?

Other online art classes may cost the same as this or even be cheaper.

BUT you'd be hard-pressed to find an art class that teaches you how to paint in a loose style and one that comes with short, bite-sized lessons AND lifetime access so you can watch even if you're busy and rewatch as often as you want!

With a single payment of $98, you give life to your artistic dreams and ambitions and learn a distinct style WITHOUT wasting money on supplies you don't need or spending time on travel or learning techniques you'll never use!

Learning to paint fearlessly in a loose style isn't reserved for a select few.

This self-paced, easy-to-follow course is for you if you nod "yes" to any of the following:

  • You're looking for a creative hobby and are fascinated by painting but are worried about wasting money on supplies and feeling frustrated by the results
  • You've been painting for a while but are keen to explore a painterly style for florals
  • You want to paint to express your creativity and make gift-worthy paintings for loved ones
  • You want to learn from someone who's approachable, thorough and has a style you love
  • You want an art course that doesn't skip steps OR feel overwhelming. And you can take it without leaving your living room.


Sounds like me...Sign me UP!

Are you wondering, "But...why can't I learn this from YouTube or a free class?"

Answers to this and other questions your fellow artists have asked before joining...

I know it always feels a little scary to invest in a hobby...

My promise to you is this...

At the end of the class if you follow my simple steps, you will walk away with greater confidence in your artistic abilities AND a finished oil painting of a floral still life.

I promise it's not overwhelming or confusing.

I promise it's not only for born artists.

I promise it's not time-consuming.

This foundational course is the perfect first step because, by the end, you'll know if you're ready to keep painting loose and intuitive florals OR if you're done with this one floral still life!

(Psst! I'm pretty sure it'll be the former and you won't stop painting!)

Let's Paint

"Absolutely loved this course!! Thank you for sharing your process. I always have it in my head it is so much more complicated, but I'm going to try your approach, be more relaxed, and see where it takes me. I've found it hard finding tutorials with a 'style" that I like, as there are quite a lot in acrylic with a very loose painterly style but not many in oils. Would love to see you add some more tutorials, thoroughly enjoyed."-Patricia B. 

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