Are you ready to paint some loose and intuitive florals? 

Yes! Let's Paint

Do you stare at your blank canvas afraid to start because, well, the supplies and canvas are expensive, and you don't want to mess it up?


  • Are you frustrated¬†by a lack of ability to create the loose painterly style you've always wanted?

  • Do you feel paralyzed by fear of ruining your painting? ¬†


Believe me, I get it. I've been there. Another failed painting, more expensive supplies wasted. But, you want to paint loose? What is the secret? How do artists make it look so effortless?  

I'm Ready to Paint

Hi, I'm Chelle, and I've listened to you. I get your frustrations, because well, I've had them too. I have concrete steps to loosen up your painting style. I'm excited to introduce you to my online course, "How to Paint Loose and Intuitive Florals."


Whether you're an experienced artist wanting to hone your craft or a budding creative who is captivated by loose and intuitive florals, you've landed in the right place, friend.


Since you're here with me, I"m assuming you have an undeniable passion for art and a desire to continue to strengthen your own skills and grow as an artist.


  • When you enroll in "How to Paint Loose and Intuitive Florals...


You'll complete three stunning paintings through step-by-step tutorials to gain the knowledge and skills to paint on your own.


You will get demonstrations in oils that are also adaptable to acrylics.


You will get mini lessons with actionable steps to loosen up.


No lengthy videos to watch. (I hate that. By the time I am ready to paint, I have forgotten what I am supposed to paint.)


You will get linked materials and supplies, with a limited palette to keep your investment minimal.


If you've taken my previous courses, no additional supplies are needed.


Lifetime access. Paint anywhere, anytime.

Let's Paint

Plus, you'll get full access to my short, insightful mini-lessons on:

  • Beginning¬†your paintings with confidence
  • Developing a loose painting style
  • Embracing the importance of daily painting
  • My painting process
  • How to know when your painting is finished¬†
Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Paint Together

Maybe you're wondering who I am, and what makes me qualified to teach you how to paint loose and intuitive florals, right? 

I'm a lot like you. I've lead a busy life with the same type of pressures. I'm a wife and mom to four amazing girls. I've had sports practices to drive to, school activities, work pressures, life stressors. But through it all, the one constant has always been my unwavering love and passion for art, especially florals. I've always wanted to paint. I knew I wanted to be an artist at 12, and I even minored in art in college. However, it wasn't until 2018 that I took the leap into the professional art world after dedicating many years to practicing my own skills through countless workshops and weekly oil painting classes. 

My artwork can now be found in three galleries, Art and Light, Greenville, SC, The District Gallery, Knoxville, TN, and online at The Scouted Studio. I've even collaborated with well-known names like Kirkland Home, Artfully Walls, and Tamara Day from Bargain Mansions on Magnolia Network. 

I decided to blend my desire to teach and paint to create online art courses, including "How to Paint Loose and Intuitive Florals," exclusively for you!

I am genuinely thankful for the chance to share my knowledge, gained through years of practice, workshops, and classes, of solid techniques and tips to loosen up your painting style. I can't wait to start painting together.

What students are saying about my previous courses

Brenda F.

"Thank you Chelle! I have watched your video twice now! You gave excellent instruction, and the course is such a good value for the price! Love your work!!"

Patricia B.

"Absolutely loved this course!! Thank you for sharing your process. I always have it in my head it is so much more complicated, but I'm going to try your approach, be more relaxed, and see where it takes me. I've found it hard finding oil tutorials with a 'style' that I like, as there are quite a lot in acrylic with a very loose painterly style but not many in oils. Would love to see you add more tutorials, thoroughly enjoyed."

Karen G.

"This is just what I needed. I really like your loose painterly style and have the hardest time trying to do it. Listening to you talk while painting was fascinating. Thank you so much"

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of loose and intuitive florals?



Get ready to paint freely, confidently, and with you own unique style. Enroll in "How to Paint Loose and Intuitive Florals" today, and let's bring your artistic vision to life!


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